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Funxpedition Photos

Funxpeditions are the most enjoyed by my wife Sherry, KD4STW and myself. We enjoy the opportunity to explore new places and at the same time help other amateurs obtain a new county or a new island contact for their US Island or Islands On The Air certificates. Our most memorable island we activated was Cumberland Island in 2009 off the coast of Georgia. We traveled with 2 other operators and set up approximately 50 feet from the water. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as Sherry and I enjoyed the adventure.

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Azalea Festival Station

Azalea Festival
in Valdosta, GA

Big Talbot Island excursion

Big Talbot Is off
Amelia IS in FL

Cumberland Is.

land Is, GA

Jekyll Island funxpedition

Operating at Jekyll Is, GA

Little Talbot Island

Sunrise operating at Little Talbot Is

Moultrie Car Show operation

Operating at the Moultrie Car Show

Station at Big Talbot Island

Our station at Big Talbot Is

Banks Lake event

WG4UM station Banks Lake