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The word Funxpeditions is used to describe an aspect of the hobby I really enjoy.  Part of what makes this aspect fun is that I get to go to different places within the Georgia / Florida area with my wife, who is also an amateur radio operator KD4STW. She isn't much into the operating portion of the hobby but is a vital assistant on the setting up and tearing down of the station.  Plus, she likes to go and explore the areas we go to especially when going to the beach.

            We’ve operated in such places as Cumberland Island, Jekyll Island, Big and Little Talbot Island, Amelia Island and Cedar Key.  The intrigue of going and setting up a station in the middle of some beautiful place is beyond words.  We also go to special events and occasionally setup in counties to help other operators obtain the county for a Worked All County award.

click_hereTo see some of the beautiful places we've visited and activated.

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Last updated on July 25, 2016
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