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I first became interested in amateur radio with the overwhelming support and encouragement of my father in 1968 and received my novice license, WN9ZVS in that year. Also in 1968, my father also became an amateur radio operator, WB9BFN, because he was also excited about the hobby. Sharing amateur radio with my dad made it even more fulfilling. In 1969 I upgraded my license to general and received the call WA9ZVS. At that time talking to someone in another state was close to unheard of, communicating with someone half way around the world wasn't even imaginable. Needless to say, I gained the respect of a lot of my neighbors and had a lot of fun operating amateur radio at the same time. Below is a copy of the first QSL card I shared with my father.

As the years went by, raising children, college and work took its toll and I wasn’t as active as I was when in high school. Work required me to move several times where I held a KA7 call (Wyoming), N4 call while in Naples, Chiefland and Bronson, Florida and then in North Florida/South Georgia where I’ve held the call AJ4. Now my current call is AJ7G.

Here are the clubs I belong to:

 10-10 - 76022
 SKCC - 7212
 EPC - 20665
 BARTG - 8909
 DMC - 06404
 FELD HELL - 4529
 HPC - 729
 070 Club - 1925
 PODXS - 1925